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SNOO WILSON (1948-2013) wrote over forty plays including Home Free! (1964), Pignight, Blowjob, The Pleasure Principle, Vampire, The Beast, Reason, The Everest Hotel, After Lysistrata, Flaming Bodies, The Grass Widow, 80 Days, More Light, Consequences, Darwin’s Flood, Sabina and Moonshine - first produced at the Hampstead Theatre in 1999.

Vampire by Snoo Wilson publisher Amber Lane Press
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Snoo Wilson

Vampire was originally written for Paradise Foundry (formerly Portable Theatre). Snoo Wilson says: “Every age has its own vampires ... the play begins in the Victorian age. It was a Victorian phenomenon because the middle class had got this idea of the virtuous passive female." In the first act Joy discovers sexual freedom at the cost of economic slavery. In Act Two Joy’s granddaughters break away from politics as the First World War begins, some to raise troops and others, like Sarah, to be suffragettes. In the third act we are in a funeral parlour. Women have finally succeeded in breaking through to the priesthood and Dwight officiates at the funeral of a biker...” (Cast 3+m, 3f)






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