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MARK MEDOFF is a playwright, screenwriter, actor and director. He started writing when he was an English professor at New Mexico State University. He was appointed the university’s dramatist-in-residence following the production of his first play When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?. His breakthrough came with Children of a Lesser God (1980) which won him a Tony Award and an Oscar nomination for the film version six years later. His subsequent screenplays include Clara's Heart (1988) and City of Joy (1992), and he has appeared in several films. In 2002 he directed the film Children on Their Birthdays based on the short story by Truman Capote. Mark Medoff's latest drama Prymate, opened on Broadway in May 2004.

Children of a Lesser God by Mark Medoff publisher Amber Lane Press
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Mark Medoff
Children of a Lesser God

Speech therapist James Leeds tries to persuade Sarah Norman, who is deaf, to learn to speak and lip-read. But it is Sarah who teaches James the beauty and subtlety of her sign-language and shows him that she has a right to an independent existence that defies the norms and expectations of the hearing world.
Winner of the Antoinette Perry (Tony) award for ‘Best Play of the 1979-80 Broadway Season’ and The Society of West End Theatre Awards for ‘The Play of the Year 1981'. (Cast 3m, 4f)

“...a riveting piece of drama... I can’t recall any other play that makes it so clear that the so-called handicapped have their own code, their own ethos, their own pride.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian

“...the play gives you an insight into deafness you’ve probably never experienced before.”
~ Sue Jameson, London Broadcasting

“...Medoff’s writing often rises beyond the well-made, particularly in his no-nonsense approach to the less palatable facts of his subject...”
~ Steve Grant, Time Out

“I was enthralled by this unusual love story.”
~ John Barber, Daily Telegraph

“...a complex and beautiful play...”
Milton Shulman, Standard


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